Adsense custom channel maximize revenue

Maximizing revenue by exposing your channels to the right advertisers

As you may know, you can set up your custom channels so that they’re targetable by advertisers – these targetable custom channels are known as ad placements. By selecting the ‘Allow advertisers to target this channel’ checkbox on the channel creation page, you can enable brand advertisers to target their content to your audience directly on a CPM or CPC basis.

Adsense custom channel maximize revenue

Creating ad placements allows them to show up in AdWords, so that advertisers who create placement-targeted campaigns can include your content directly.

What many publishers don’t know is that this also makes your content available to Google’s internal sales teams,

who work closely with many advertisers looking to target a certain audience or type of content. With this in mind, we thought it would be important to mention a few best practices which will help advertisers and our internal sales teams target your content to help you maximize revenue:

First, take time to make sure your channel names and descriptions accurately describe your content and audience. By including descriptions that closely reflect your content, you’ll also attract advertisers from those areas.

Naming and descriptions are important !!!


On that note, our second tip:

be very careful about changing the name of an ad placement.

If an advertiser has already targeted one of your specific channels, the channel will become unavailable to the advertiser once you change its name. If you wish to rename a channel, we recommend creating a second channel with the new name, and then attaching both channels to your ad unit. Remember,

you can attach up to five custom channels to an ad unit.

Third, use the 300×250 medium rectangle, opted in to both text and image ads. This is one type of targetable ad unit that’s in high demand by Google’s CPM advertisers. We recommend placing these units in line with your content, and describing them as they relate to the content. This combination of format and placement enables advertisers to use image, text, or rich media (including gadget ads) effectively. In feeds, we recommend opting in to both image and text in all ad units, as many of these advertisers only target with image ads into feeds.

Finally, as always, the most important tip for maximizing revenue from your ad placements is to create quality content that is visually appealing and attracts a quality audience. Many brand advertisers look at all placements before placing an advertising order to make sure the destination sites are in line with their brand and attract the type of audience they wish to target for a particular campaign.

Adsense custom channel maximize revenue dramatically.

As described on Inside Adsense Blog

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