Cara menghilangkan footer di Catch Kathmandu Theme

Catch Kathmandu Theme

Cara menghilangkan footer di Catch Kathmandu Theme

Website saya ini menggunakan tema ( theme ) Catch Kathmandu Theme.


Sebelum saya modifikasi, dibagian footer akan muncul tulisan Catch Kathmandu by Catch Theme seperti berikut :


Untuk menghilangkan tulisan Catch Kathmandu by Catch Theme dapat dilakukan dengan cara berikut :

Cara menghilangkan footer di Catch Kathmandu Theme

1. Buat Child theme

2. Modifikasi function.php dengan memasukkan kode berikut dibagian bawah function.php

function catchkathmandu_footer_content() {
echo ‘Copyright 2011 <a href=””>Namawebsite</a>. All rights reserved.’;

Silahkan ganti namawebsite dengan nama domain anda.

Apakah legal menghilangkan footer tersebut? Karena Catch Kathmandu theme dirilis dengan lisensi GPL maka merubah atau menghilanhkan footer tersebut sah saja.

When re-distributing a (or distributing a modified) GPL-licensed work, proper attribution must be maintained; however, that attribution is only required to be appropriate to the type of work.

WordPress Themes are a conglomeration of PHP, HTML, and CSS code. Proper attribution for such code is in the source itself, not in the browser-rendered output of the PHP-parsed version of that code. Generally speaking, for WordPress Themes, such attribution may be found in comments in the style.css file, in the phpDoc header comments in the functions.php file, or in a separate file such as a readme.txt file. Such attribution is appropriate, and meets the letter and spirit/intent of the attribution requirement in the license.

In other words: you’re not required to maintain public-facing attribution, such as a “credit link”, even up on distribution/re-distribution.

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